Our officers and executives promote alignment between business units and ensure more effective and inclusive decision-making.

  • Chris Carnicelli

    Chris Carnicelli

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Angela Kinsella

    Angela Kinsella

    Chief Human Resources Officer

  • John Martini

    John Martini

    Chief Financial Officer

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    Company Officers & Executive Team

  • Paige L. Schaffer

    Paige L. Schaffer

    President & Chief Operating Officer, Global Identity & Digital Protection Services

  • Rob Germain

    Rob Germain

    President, Health

  • Raija Itzchaki

    Raija Itzchaki

    President, Cost Containment, GMMI & Travel Assistance, GGA

  • James Sion

    James Sion

    Chief Operations Officer, Travel Insurance

  • Mark Taber

    Mark Taber

    Chief Insurance Officer

  • Jim Murphy

    Jim Murphy

    Vice President of Programming & Business Excellence

  • Henrik Romberg

    Henrik Romberg

    Vice President of Sales & Product Development, Travel Insurance