Our officers and executives promote alignment between business units and ensure more effective and inclusive decision-making.

  • Chris Carnicelli

    Chris Carnicelli

    CEO, North America & General Management Committee, Europ Assistance Group

    Sales Executive Team

    Henrik Romberg

    Chief Commercial Officer, Generali Global Assistance

    Sven Thorslund

    VP of Sales, GMMI

    Kelly Sahner

    Chief Commercial Officer, Trip Mate

  • Philippe Gervais

    Philippe Gervais

    General Manager, North America

  • Paige L. Schaffer

    Paige L. Schaffer

    Chief Executive Officer, Global Identity & Digital Protection Services

    Identity & Digital Protection Executive Team

    Vladimir Poletaev

    VP of Global Business Development

    Eugenia Blackstone (Buggs)

    VP of Global Marketing

    Sidick Traore

    Director of Global Service Delivery

    Erik Nienaber

    Chief Global Technology Officer

    Michele Krisanda

    VP of Global Product Management

    Keuty Gueye

    VP of Financial Planning & Analysis

    Ken Voss

    Vice President of Accounting, U.S. Tax and Procurement North America

    Patxi Hastoy

    Director, Program Management, Europe

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    Company Executives

  • Sherwin Sheik

    Sherwin Sheik

    Chief Executive Officer, CareLinx (Eldercare)

    Eldercare Executive Team

    Dr. Elise Singer

    Chief Medical Officer

    Allie Vander Molen

    Head of Customer Success

    Yeong-Ping Koh

    Head of Product

    Vincent Dee

    Head of Engineering

    Eduardo Labanca

    Head of Operations

  • Marc Kase

    Marc Kase

    Chief Information Officer, North America

    IT Executive Team

    Aaron Ingalsbe

    IT Director

    Clint Worley

    VP of Programming, Travel Insurance

    Stacey Savidge

    Chief Technology Officer, GMMI

  • Tarik Ajami

    Tarik Ajami

    General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, North America

    North America Executive Legal Team

    Amanda Lorenz

    Associate General Counsel, Travel Insurance

    Patricia Alonso

    Chief Legal Officer, Identity Protection Services

    Christopher Zentner

    Director of Compliance

  • James Scion

    James Scion

    Chief Operating Officer, North America

    Travel Assistance & Cost Containment Executive Team

    Monica Rummelhoff

    Chief Operating Officer, GMMI

    Soraia Arroyo Lynch

    Vice President of Marketing

    Carmen Poehlmann-Wolfe

    Chief Implementation Officer

    Zaydee Capo

    Vice President of Healthcare Services

    Melody Sharet

    Vice President of Human Resources

    Serge Avice du Buisson

    Vice President of Travel Assistance Operational Management

    Renee Couey

    VP of Claims, Travel Insurance

  • Mark Taber

    Mark Taber

    Chief Insurance Officer

  • Patrick Furrow

    Patrick Furrow

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    HR Executive Team

    Brandas Murphy

    AVP of Human Resources