Travel Risk Management

Go Beyond Traditional Duty of Care Programs

Our travel risk management (TRM) solution provides companies with the knowledge and experience to respond to the risks of international business travel. For our clients, care is neither a duty or an obligation. It’s an engine for success. Our solution goes beyond traditional duty of care solutions. We are driven by the desire to help you convert risk into reward by providing travel risk management solutions that reflect your need for simplicity, accountability and scalability.

Fortune 500 Sized Opportunity for All

We firmly believe that whether your company has 20 travelers or 20,000, your travel risk management program should reflect the unique needs of your company and be developed with consideration for your global activity, risk profile, corporate culture and the resources you have available to manage your traveling population. Our solution is a suite of travel risk management solutions that can be tailored to meet your business needs and activities – whether you are Fortune 500 or on your way there.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Dedicated phone numbers and protocols tailored to your business needs. Your travelers call a 24/7 hotline dedicated solely to your organization and are assisted based on the protocols you determine. This results in more timely and accurate case handling, an improved service experience and detailed activity reporting.
  • Integration with your insurance carriers helps drive a more holistic and coordinated approach to managing your travel risk. Recognizing that your organization may have insurance policies that include assistance services, we can develop procedures to coordinate with your insurance carriers. This allows you to realize the value of these policies, potentially contain costs and reduce traveler confusion and internal burden for your program administrators – while also giving you greater program control.
  • Integration and communications management of security solutions. During an incident, time saves lives.  We help you navigating the details of a complicated or intense situation.  Our team coordinates with security solution providers worldwide, builds protocols for response and builds a proactive program for the future.
  • A global footprint with medical assistance centers provides support anywhere in the world 24/7 in the time of need.  As a recipient of multiple Stevie® customer service, our coordinators, nurses and doctors knowledgeably manage cases providing compassionate, accurate and guidance for cost-effective decisions.

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I will like to thank this company for their excellent job done with my husband’s case… The coordination of the retuned flight to United States, was excellent!
– Travel Insurance Customer