Key Figures

Generali Global Assistance, part of the Europ Assistance (EA) Group and Generali family, built a multinational presence in nearly 30 countries, with over 35 offices and more than 7,500 employees

Our international presence is one of our greatest strengths. The EA Group is a major, multinational company that is continuing to build its presence smartly and selectively. EA Group’s geographical diversification is balanced between more than 35 offices in nearly 30 countries. Our global reach is further strengthened as a division of the Generali Group which over 185 years has created a presence in 60 countries with over 73,000 employees.

We Connect

In recent years the EA Group, which we are proudly a part of, launched We Connect, a major strategic reorganization. We Connect has allowed us to efficiently manage our assets, have a simpler, more transparent governance and launch innovative strategies globally. Our We Connect strategy was just launched in 2015 and has already lead up to several innovations that have boosted our revenues’ growth by 8% as compared to 2014.