Beneficiary CompanionTM

A Helping Hand after a Loss

The death of a loved one triggers a series of tasks that require immediate attention. Attempting to remember and handle all the necessary notifications and cancellations can be overwhelming. With Beneficiary CompanionTM, your policyholders’ beneficiaries don’t have to face this mountain of tasks alone. We will take care of the administrative details, notify third parties and undertake proactive measures to protect the deceased from identity theft – relieving the stress of paperwork and allowing beneficiaries to focus on the healing process.

Enhance Your Insurance Policies

While emotional counseling and funeral concierge services are common complements to life insurance programs, they still leave beneficiaries on their own to deal with the confusion and hassle of trying to close out a loved one’s affairs. The personal, hands-on service of our Beneficiary Assistance Coordinators is unique and fills the gap that these services don’t provide.

Key Services

  • Dedicated assistance coordinator who will help beneficiaries close out the deceased’s accounts with government, financial and other institutions
  • Guidance in obtaining death certificate copies
  • Fraud detection, protection and resolution for the deceased

Losing a loved one brings heartache. It doesn’t have to bring headaches.

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Thanks so much to you and the rest of your team - your efforts have been greatly appreciated during this difficult/stressful time.
    – Travel Assistance Customer