Top tips for travellers

US-based CSA Travel Protection, which delivers travel insurance and emergency services, has released a list of tips for travellers, on how to decide if they need travel insurance for their holiday trips.

The first tip is for travellers to check their health insurance to see what’s already covered, as although some health insurance plans may cover some in-network medical costs, a travel insurance policy can be a good way to supplement.

Secondly, travellers are advised to determine what their credit card will cover and if it is enough. CSA Travel Protection says that travellers shouldn’t assume they are covered without checking with their credit card provider.

CSA Travel Protection has highlighted that timing is crucial when purchasing a travel insurance plan and travellers should buy insurance as soon as they book their vacations. They say it is best to have insurance in advance as it is designed to cover certain unforeseen events.

The company says that travel insurance is a wise choice for those travelling over the holidays: “Travel insurance may be a small part of the big picture when it comes to making holiday vacation plans, but travellers may be glad they made such an investment, should an unexpected event arise.”