CSA offers hurricane tips to those vacationing

With experts stating that this summer could be the worst hurricane season for four years, CSA Travel Protection has published results of a recent survey conducted by CSA Travel Protection’s 24-hour emergency assistance provider Europ Assistance Group showing American travel habits, along with some tips for those travelling into potential hurricane zones.

June marks the beginning of hurricane season in the US. CSA’s findings claim that 61 per cent of Americans intend to go on a trip this summer, with some of their favourite destinations being Hawaii, Florida and South Carolina. But with both Crown Weather Services and Global Weather Oscillations reporting that 2016 will be ‘the strongest in four years’, these areas, and those who travel there, could be at risk.

As hurricanes can disrupt flights, CSA warns it is best to pack necessities in your carry-on bags. Frequently checking weather updates on possible storms before and during your trip is also recommended by the company. For those worried about travel arrangements being disrupted, CSA claims that travelling by boat to your destination could be worthwhile as cruises can be more flexible, even if they can take longer.

The company hopes that those travelling to areas that could be affected have a hurricane-free vacation, but remind those vacationing to check that their insurance plans do cover damage from hurricanes and to always travel with a hard copy of their policy documents.