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Cookies and Passive Data Collection - Extended Information Note on Cookies

The websites of Generali Global Assistance, Inc, (“Generali Global Assistance”) use cookies and similar technologies to ensure the proper functioning of the procedures performed and improve the surfing experience of users and carry out profiling activities. This document provides detailed information on the use of cookies and similar technologies, their management methods and how they are used within the websites of Generali Global Assistance.


Cookies are text files (letters and/or numbers) containing groups of information stored in Data Subjects’ computer or mobile device every time they visit a website through a browser. At each subsequent visit the browser sends these cookies to the website which originated them or to another website. Cookies allow websites to store certain information in order to allow users to navigate online in a simple and fast way.

Cookies are used for different purposes and have different characteristics. They can be used either by the Data Controller of the website you are visiting, or by third party.

Types of cookies

Generali Global Assistance does not use cookies in its websites for commercial profiling.

The websites of Generali Global Assistance use the following categories of cookies:

Type of Cookies Purposes
Session cookies or browsing cookies These cookies are necessary for a correct functioning of the website and for the use of the services contained therein. In their absence, the website or some of its sections may not work properly.
Therefore cookies are always used regardless the users’ preferences. This category of cookies is always sent from our domain.
Users may delete these cookies using their browser functions.


Service Description Examples
Session cookies Necessary for the users’ browsing Visitor Type
Statistic Language
Persistent cookies Necessary to remind of the users’ choices w3gPrivacyCookie


Type of Cookies Purposes
Analytics cookies These cookies are used to collect information on the use of the website, such as, for instance, the pages visited more frequently. They do not store users’ personal data, but they collect only aggregated and anonymous data. These cookies are sent from our domain of from third party’s domains.


Service Description Examples Links
Google Analytics Recording information on how visitors use our website, the details on the visits to our website, or the origin of visitors. _UTMA,


Type of Cookies Purposes
Cookies for the integration of third parties’ functionalities These cookies are used in relation to the functionalities of the website (e.g. prefilling forms with values previously entered by web visitor in a previous session).


Service Description Examples Links
Visitor Profiling, Content & Analytics Managed by Hubspot, services used for marketing and analytics. __hstc,


Note: third party’s cookies may change name and increase or decrease at any time and without notice by the third party’s provider.

Internet user’s consent

The provision of data by users is optional.

Users of the Generali Global Assistance website will provide consent for the provision of data through cookies if they close the banner through the appropriate button (X).

Users may set their browser in order to receive a warning on the presence of cookies and decide if accept or refuse them. Moreover, they may delete such cookies through functions available in every browser for the internet access.

For example, in Internet Explorer, menu Tools-> Internet Options -> Privacy, you can access a control panel where it’s possible to accept or not the different types of cookies and remove them.



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