Could Your Organization Spot a Fraudster Trying to Trick Employees?

Phishing, which is a term for scammers attempting to gather personal information from a victim by pretending to be a known and trustworthy company, has been increasing across all industries for years according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. In 2016, the number of phishing attacks increased 65% from the previous year. The cost of these attacks on businesses can be significant. According to the study “The Cost of Phishing and Value of Employee Training” the employee productivity losses to businesses that have their systems compromised due to a successful scam can result in an average loss of over $1.8 million!

Fraudsters target individuals across all mediums – email, physical mail, voicemail, text, and more – making it even more difficult for you and your colleagues to avoid falling victim to their scams. Would you and your team know how to spot a phishing message? Take our quiz below to find out and share it with everyone in your organization to gauge how prepared your company is to stop scammers from accessing your systems and data.

Is this voicemail legitimate?

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How Prepared Is Your Company to Thwart a Phishing Attack?

With hackers and scammers becoming increasingly craftier these days as they attempt to break into constantly evolving technology and systems, your company can never be too prepared to thwart an attack. Employees falling victim to phishing scams and the like were the cause of the majority of breached records in 2017. This is why, in addition to implementing data protection and network systems best practices, it’s critical that companies like yours make cybersecurity a cornerstone of your culture.

October is an ideal month to get started as it’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). This month, many public and private organizations, including ourselves, are working together to bring awareness to cybersecurity and the steps businesses and their employees can take to better protect themselves and the customers they serve. NCSAM has a vast library of educational resources available with best practices that your business can share with your employees throughout the entire year to help turn cybersecurity from an often-forgotten annual training, to an integral part of the way your company operates.

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